Young Talent Nurture 2017

The Department of Mathematics, IIST, has been conducting “Young Talent Nurture (YTN)” programme in different levels since 2013. The aim of the programme is to nurture young mathematical talents through promotion of pathological questioning, logical and critical thinking and problem solving, and to prepare them for higher aspects of Mathematics. This year YTN programme will be conducted in its first level targetting the students who have completed 1st year B.Sc. or 2nd semester B.Tech./integrated M.Sc. during 22nd May – 3rdJune, 2017. This programme may create opportunities for the participants to access another culture and educational experience. We hope that the programme can serve academic needs of students, and help them to understand the fundamentals of Mathematics.


Workshop for 2nd year B.Sc. students – Initiation into Mathematics 2017, Kerala

A Mini MTTS Programme is going to be conducted at the Kerala School of Mathematics, Kozhikode in 2017 April.


Fourth Semester/ Second year undergraduate (B.Sc/Integrated M.Sc.) students studying in institutes in Kerala with Mathematics as one of their subjects shall apply. A few students studying in the other South Indian states Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana also will be considered.


How to Apply?: 

Applications should be prepared online at the site
Detailed instructions are available at the webpage


Texts and Readings in Mathematics(trim series)

Linear Algebra and Linear Models(3/e)

  1. B. Bapat

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/ 1

2012, 176 pages,  Softcover,  978-93-80250-28-1,  Rs. 275.00


Fourier Series (2/e)

Rajendra Bhatia

Texts  and  Readings in  Mathematics/ 2

Corrected Rep.2010, 184 pages, Softcover, 978- 81-85931-34-0, Rs. 225.00


Representations of Finite Groups

  1. Musili

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/ 3

Reprint 2011, 250 pages, Softcover, 978-93-80250-18-2, Rs.350.00


Complex Function Theory(2/e)

Donald Sarason

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/ 5

2008, 174 pages,  Softcover,  978- 81-85931-84-5,  Rs. 250.00


Basic Ergodic Theory (3/e)

  1. G. Nadkarni

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/ 6

2013, 196 pages, Hardcover,  978-93-80250-43-4,Rs.370.00


Harmonic Analysis(2/e)

Henry Helson

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/7

Reprint 2010, 236 pages,  Softcover, 978-93-80250-05-2, Rs.300.00

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