Text books for BSc Mathematics Course of the University of Kerala (till 2013-14 admission)

Following are links to textbooks which are prescribed in the syllabus for the BSc Programme in Mathematics offered by Govt/ Aided colleges affiliated to the University of Kerala. We have tried to find out the least possible (at the same time reliable) online sellers to include in the links. Please inform us if some of these links are broken, or you find a better price for the same book in a different (reliable) site.First Year and Second Year (I, II, III, IV Semesters)Text: Howard Anton, et al, Calculus, Seventh Edition, John Wiley  Check price here.
(Ebook available at this link.)
A Concrete introduction to abstract algebra, Lindsay N Childs   Check price here.
Final (III) Year – V & VI Semesters
Text: Robert G Bartle, Introduction to Real Analysis   Check price here.
For the Complex Analysis course, the University has prescribed the book – R V Churchill and Brown: Functions of a Complex Variable. This book does not seem to appear anywhere and so it seems that they must have meant the book Complex Variables and Applications by the same two authors. It seems that this book is being used in most of the colleges instead of the prescribed one.
Text: G F Simmons: Differential Equations with applications and historical notes, Tata Mc- Graw Hill, 2003 Check price here.
Text: S S Sastry: Introductory Methods of Numerical Analysis, PHI Check price here.
Text: Algorithmics: The Spirit of Computing,  David Harel, Yishai Feldman. This one does not seem to have an Indian edition. So may not be easily accessible to Indian students. But a PDF version appears at the page http://bookos.org/book/515055/2e5375 (Obtained via google search. Please report if link is broken)
The text  by Matt Welsh et al., Running Linux- O’REILLY – Third Edition does not seem to be available in Indian edition. One may download the th edition as a PDF from https://7chan.org/pr/src/O’Reilly_-_Running_Linux_4th_Edition.pdf or you may buy the 5th edition from the below given link
Text: Programming in ANSI C 6th Edition, E. Balaguruswamy Check price here.
Text: Operations Research : Principles and Practice 2 Edition , Phillips, Ravindran, Solberg Check price here.
Text: T S Blyth and E F Robertson: Linear Algebra, Springer, Second Ed.:  Check price here.
Text: Narsingh Deo: Graph Theory with applications for Engineering and Computer Science, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., 2000. Check price here.






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