Conference: Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication

Venue: Ramanujan Auditorium, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

during 9-12 December 2014

This is the second in a conference series that explores new ways of helping students achieve 21st Century competencies in mathematics and computer science, which includes math activities across the curriculum. The first conference in the series, held in Charles Darwin University, Northern Territories, Australia, from August 2 to 8, 2013, saw a unique interaction between artists (theatre, dance, graphic arts) and mathematicians / mathematics educators.

The main theme of the conference is popularizing the rich mathematics underlying computer science, a new kind of mathematics much of the school / college education community is largely untouched by. And yet, this has the potential to unlock a great amount of creativity, currently stifled by the calculus oriented math curricula. We do NOT wish to discuss how to make math easy, or how to teach topic X or Y in the syllabus easily, but to attract children to open problems, to dare reach for gold. We believe that combinatorics and computer science mathematics offer extensive opportunities in this regard.

Importantly, the conference aims to engage research mathematical scientists in outreach and communication. Bringing together researchers, educators and communicators committed to bringing exploration and discovery into classrooms and among the educated public, the conference hopes to explore new ways of thinking initiated by Computer Science Unplugged and other similar efforts in the 1990s.

The conference features keynote talks by researchers and communicators with original work in popularizing mathematics and computer science, and sharing of experience by activists with extensive experience in education and outreach.

The conference will be held at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai from December 9 to 12, 2014.

Participation in the conference is open to everyone and will be limited only by logistical constraints. Registration for the workshop is possible from the registration page.


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