Indian National Science Academcy Teachers Award 2015 to Prof. Krishnakumar

To recognize and value excellence, consistency and high level of teaching in Indian Colleges, Universities and Institutions, the Academy instituted INSA Teachers Award in 2012. The award shall be made annually to recognize and honour teachers for providing guidance, inspiration and mentoring students to take up careers in Science and Technology. All disciplines of Science and Technology including Medical & Engineering Sciences come under the purview of this award.

In Mathematics, the award was given to Prof. S Kumaresan of the University of Hyderabad in 2013, and this year (2015), one of the recipients in Mathematics is Prof. Vellat Krishna Kumar.



Prof. Krishnakumar was a faculty member of the University of Calicut for long time, and after that he worked at Amrita University, and then in NISER, Bhubaneswar.

The full list of the recipients of this award is available at

Hearty Congratulations to Prof. Krishnakumar from Mathforum and its visitors!

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