National Workshop on Complex Networks

Department of Futures Studies, University of Kerala,Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is organizing National Workshop on Complex Networks on 19-20 January 2017 (NWCN 2017).

The study of networks, including computer networks, social networks, and biological networks, has attracted an enormous amount of interest in the last few years. The rise of the Internet and the wide availability of inexpensive computers have made it possible to gather and analyze network data on an unprecedented scale and the development of new theoretical tools has allowed us to extract knowledge from networks of many different kinds. The study of networks is broadly interdisciplinary and central developments have occurred in many fields, including mathematics, physics, computer and information sciences, biology and the social sciences. Research scholars and masters students who are interested in doing research on complex networks can participate in the workshop. We restrict the maximum participants to be forty- five. Selection will be based on their interest and research experience on complex networks. The last date of receiving the application is January 10, 2017. For details and registration, please see the website:

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