For maths-talented pre-university students: U.S. Mehta Fellowships expanded

Mehta Fellowships to PROMYS for mathematically talented pre-university students in India cover all expenses for six weeks of mathematical immersion at Boston University in the United States. 

I would be grateful for your assistance in reaching out to potentially suitable applicants. Now expanded and in its 3rd year, the Mehta Fellowship program covers tuition, lodging, meals, books, visa fees, and round-trip travel to the U.S. PROMYS 2017 runs from July 2 – August 12, 2017.

PROMYS is a challenging mathematics “summer program” at Boston University which has been drawing talented pre-university students from across the U.S. and around the world since 1989. Each year, PROMYS creates a collaborative and supportive mathematical community of 85 pre-university students, 25 undergraduate counselors, faculty, research mentors and guest mathematicians. The focus is on developing the mathematical habits of mind that support independence and creativity in facing unfamiliar mathematical challenges.

Approximately 50% of PROMYS alumni acquire doctorates. About half of these are PhDs in Mathematics (half of which have been earned at MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, University of Chicago, Princeton, or Stanford).

The Mehta Fellowship application is HERE on the PROMYS site ( The application deadline is April 1, 2017.

Funded by Nick Nash and, Tara and Jasubhai Mehta Fellowships are designed for students in India who could not otherwise afford an intensive six-week immersion in mathematics in the U.S. Successful applicants do not need to have taken any advanced courses. They do need to show unusual readiness for thinking deeply about mathematics. Lectures, problem sets, and mathematical discussions at PROMYS are all in English.

Mathematical focus: First-year students focus primarily on a series of very challenging problem sets, a daily lecture, and exploration labs in Number Theory. Students receive daily feedback from their counselors on their Number Theory problem sets. There are also dozens of additional seminars, mini-courses, and guest lectures on a wide range of mathematical topics. Advanced seminars and mentored research are offered, and the program is individualized to ensure each student is fully challenged mathematically.

I am attaching a Mehta Fellowship flyer. I hope you will share this information with mathematically talented students and with their teachers and schools. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Glenn Stevens
Professor of Mathematics, Boston University
Director of PROMYS

The opportunities for learning and research at PROMYS are endless, and foremost teach you how to learn things the right way – be it number theory or anything else. The PROMYS community is really great and co-operative.” Arya Vadnere, a Mehta Fellow at PROMYS 2016

“PROMYS has been the most mathematically intense experience of my life…”
Shubham Aggarwal, a Mehta Fellow at PROMYS 2015 and a Returning Mehta Fellow at PROMYS 2016


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